Kerbstone is a solution when you want to combine stone and lightning. The light in the kerbstone quides traffic and enhances traffic safety with no dazzling.  

Kerbstones are delivered also to private yards. Combine Finnish stone and natural light. You’ll succeed every time!

Visible kerbstones

Kerbstones can be made visible by installing

  • Reflector
  • LED-light
  • strip that glow in the dark

Kerbstone with reflector

Kerbstones with reflector work well in

  • traffic dividers
  • traffic circles
  • places that need more visibility either to guide or to warn a traveller.

Kerbstone with LED-light

LED-light gives an excellent visibility and light to lanes and routes with a light that does not hurt your eyes.

Many ways to use:

  • patios
  • inner courts
  • tunnels
  • other lanes

Kerbstone with glowing stripe

Glow-in –the-dark stripe is suitable in tunnels and parking halls in case of power failure


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